Behind Success Lies A Story

Execution & Collection

Following the series of successes achieved by the center in the
foregoing legal specializations, its management noted the labor market
in Kuwait’s need over the past years for a professional body possessing
expertise, skills and specialization in the field of collection of
outstanding debts, execution of compulsory formalities against debtors
who abstained from payment of their debts such as apprehension,
summoning, travel ban, withholding salaries, attachment of cars and any
other properties or funds. Therefore, the center took the decision to
set up a specialized department in the field of execution and collection
of debts to undertake this type of work exclusively. Therefore, a
professional team of more than 50 specialized and experienced staff in
this field was formed, which made the center win the confidence of the
biggest mobile telecommunication company operating in Kuwait to collect
its debts due by mobile phone users.