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About Us

Based on the Legal Center management's wish to extend cooperation ties with you, we are pleased to put at your hands a brief presentation on our unique method of offering the debts collection service at the Center and a brief explanation on the method of benefiting from the capabilities of its execution and collection department, which is specialized exclusively in this field.The beginning was when the Legal Center management observed the need of the market in Kuwait over the past years to a professional body possessing the specialization, skill and expertise in the field of collecting outstanding  funds and debts , execute compulsory procedures against the defaulters, and primarily those who completely refrained from repayment of their debts, such as apprehension, referral , travel ban, attachment of the salary and cars, and generally any other properties or funds of the debtor to force him to repay his debt. Therefore, the Legal Center's management decided to set up an independent and specialized department to collect debts, which is capable at the same time to execute  and follow up legal procedures against those who abstained from payment. Hence, the work of this department is to collect and execute only, excluding other legal works.Therefore, the Center's management endeavored to solicit the best professional human resources possessing specialization and expertise in this field. To foster the professionalism and skill of this department and reaffirm its distinction and ability in this field, the Legal Center Department addressed concern that its work to the accustomed  traditional effort known in the collection and execution field. Therefore, the Legal Center's management requested the leaderships of this department that the most significant foundations of the action plan for practicing their daily activity in the collection field is to mobilizing all their technical expertise, legal skills and personal relations to overcome all the traditional barriers facing this type of work, such as old maturity dates of the debts,  scattered and unorganized, or whether personal details on the individuals and civil bodies are inaccurate or non existent, in terms of their current addresses and their working places and whether they are still alive or not.With such determination and persistence, the Legal Center execution and collection department was able to become the preferred choice,  achieve fame for dis tinction and capability, as well as   hold the most distinguished and famous position among its counterpart entities and firms practicing the same business. This was affirmed and documented officially with the Legal Center's attainment of the international quality and distinction at work certificate (ISO), therefore becoming the first law firm to be awarded this international certificate in the field of quality of work and distinction of the service it offers to its clients. Despite the Center's attainment of this international and significant certificate in the field of quality and distinction of work, nevertheless it is still continuing its professional efforts with perseverance and seriousness to realize its numerous ambitions and hopes.! Finally, we look forward to build a unique working relationship with you, in which caring for your interests is the cornerstone. Meanwhile, we will be pleased and honored with your visit to our premises at the Legal Center to have a personal and realistic view in a detailed and accurate manner of the method and mechanism of work in this department. Further, we also welcome your communication with us, whether to inquire about any information you would like to know or to furnish you with the method of contracting and working with us, with God's will.