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Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure


LEGAL CENTER is a well-developed, corporate structured and consisting of the following departments:-

Local Department:

All local litigation is being undertaken by this department. Each Attorney at law is highly qualified and experienced one, assigned for client herein to discuss the case, all legal aspects and probabilities are explored to ensure the best possible solution to the needed issue in hand. Legal documents and procedures are followed throughout the litigation before courts, supported by qualified and experienced paralegal staff.


Debt Collection Department: 

This department is solely responsible for the collection of debts/arrears, shares, profits, claims, compensations, insurance of our clients. More than dozen staff is employed in this department and each one is dedicated towards assigned task, supervised and monitored by a senior manager of the dept.


International Department: 

This department is responsible to render legal services to all international clients/ companies providing them best legal advice, solution and actions to protect and safeguard the interest of the clients both in Kuwait and outside Kuwait too by acquired skill and experience of dedicated lawyers. This department undertakes the drafting the Contract, Agreement, deeds, sale deeds of moveable & immoveable, review thereupon, formation of the companies and contracts on behalf of corporate clients, commentaries or recommendations in accordance as desired with the skill over laws and regulations of Kuwait, which ensure the legal rights and obligations of the parties.