Behind Success Lies A Story

Our Methods

   - Arranging and classifying files  
   - Follow up of the smallest details
   - Scheduled collection timetable       
   - Investigation and search for the required information.
..Integrated working system 
Independent department concerned exclusively with collection of your debts and follow up the compulsory actions taken against faulters and those who refrained from payment..
..Continuous management meetings
Strict and firm Kuwaiti management of lawyers, who lead and supervise the work through daily meetings to coordinate work between he execution and collection department’s sections in the legal center..
Constant periodical reports ..
 Careful and constant follow up to measure the percentage of success in collecting your debts, and then track any delay or slowdown in collecting such debts and address this matter immediately ..
 Statistics speak about us ..
 Periodical reports (monthly / semi annual / annual) on all the legal actions taken against those who refrained from payment, whereby you can follow up the collection stages of your debts on timely basis..