Behind Success Lies A Story

Why Us

What makes us unique ,What  distinguishes us  from others !? 
Distinctive capabilities in the field of search and investigation to reach the required information on the residence, business and properties f the debtor through organized, comprehensive and accurate investigation process at all the private and official authorities. 
More than 70 professional staff including lawyers, accountants, administrators and executors who are active an integrated and omogenous
system, led and supervised by a Kuwaiti management for collection of every dinar of your funds.
Laying down a specific timetable for each debt, whereby the team’s compliance to settle the debt and collect its amounts will be according this specified time ceiling.
 A careful follow up to measure the percentage of success in collecting each of the clients’ debts and addressing any slowdown or delay in the collection procedures or any debt. 
Dealing with debts on geographical basis, whereby an independent team is specialized with pursuing and collecting debts in every overnorate in Kuwait.
 Periodical and detailed reports for each client,  which give him a constant view of the actions taken in connection with his debt and development of the collection process in this respect. 
 A suitable building, equipped and prepared according to the latest modern office systems to receive your former or current indebted lients.